Kevin Pietersen: Being Reluctant on Touring Bangladesh

According to Kevin Pietersen, captain of the England cricket team, as of this moment, he is reluctant to go on a tour at Bangladesh considering the current circumstances in the said country.


Pushing through with the Bangladesh Tour

On Thursday, the ECB has announced that the tour to be made by the England cricket team for the One Day Internationals (ODI) on the country of Bangladesh will be pushed through since they were already given a security assurance by the government of the country of Bangladesh. Back in July, the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, experienced a terrorist attack leaving many people dead. However, according to ECB, they have already visited Bangladesh during these past few days and that security measures have already been set up in order to ensure the safety of the England team who will visit the country.

Pietersen and the Senior Members’ Reluctance

However, according to Pietersen, he along with the senior team members of the England cricket team are too reluctant to join the tour and that they will not even consider it for the next six weeks. He stated that his main concern is that he and the senior members of the England team already have their family and kids and would not want their family members to worry about them. He also added that if anything bad happens to him and his senior teammates, the worst to suffer would be their families.


One for All, All for One

Peitersen also stressed out that even journalists are afraid to go into the said country. However, according to Alstair Cook, even though he is also reluctant in joining the Bangladesh tour, he would still go for it if his team mates would join it. He said that even if one member wants to go, then all of the members should go. No one should be left behind.

Main Responsibilities

Pietersen said that his responsibilities today now lie to his family and his career on being the captain of the England team for the ball by ball matches. However, he said that his main and foremost responsibility would still be his family, especially his kids. He added that he would always prioritize his family over his sports career.